Saturday, April 1, 2017

Week 20: Apricot, Pistachio and Honey Upside down cake

The vegan cake for the almost-vegan queen!! <3

Unfortunately, Sophie couldn't have this cake, but she was fine with that ;) She doesn't particularly like fruity cakes (like this one) in general. 

But we were going to be making it anyways!! 

Crumbing the flour, sugar and vegan butter
This picture looks almost like Jennifer is clawing the butter, flour and sugar ;)

My turn to make the honey syrup
Sizzling away there on the hob ;) AAAHHH!! Who knows "Sizzler" the restaurant!! My favourite <3

Organising the apricots (canned, not fresh as it said in the recipe to use) hehe > rebellious bakers) into the honey syrup 

Pistachios!! They look like flower petals <3
The batter is almost ready!! We added half ground pistachios and half normal flour. 
Jennifer giving it the final fold
Pouring into cake tin over apricots, pistachios and honey syrup
Slowly filling up ...
It looks so cool!!!! :D
Out of the oven!! 
Turning it upside-down, so that it is right way up ;) If that makes sense!! haha
Looking so delish!!
It was soooo amazing!! I highly recommend this cake :D The almost-vegan queen in our flat said that it is better than any coffee shop cake, and I think everyone who tried it can second that! Please ask me for the recipe, because I want you ALL the try this!!! Seriously, the best combination. 

So this week Tearfund uploaded a post called "Standing Together Against the Darkness". It talks about a guy called Leandro Silva who goes into dangerous Brazilian neighbourhoods and helps to empower churches to start making a change for the better in their communities against violence and trafficking. After much amazing success in taking the violence and trafficking away from these notorious neighbourhoods, him and his wife started ALEF mission, with much help from other leaders, to bring this change to many of the poorest parts of Northern Brazil. If you would like to read more about this awesome mission, please click the link above!

I would love if could all please take 2 minutes and pray over these three points:

  1. For Leandro and Adrylle, so they can continue to build and encourage ministers and Christians all over Brazil.
  2. That the churches in Felipe CamarĂ£o will continue to overcome the violence and corruption in their district. 
  3. For more and more churches and Christians throughout Brazil to catch the vision of working together for social change.  

Thank you guys!!!

Till our next bake,

The Baking Students


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